Ecommerce Design | Toronto

Move Your small Business online and drive Online Sales.


We can build your E-Commerce Website, list your selling items, and make a store as you dream it.

Yes! You saw well. A store!

An online store, which will actually have the same operation as an on-site store without any sales representative needed. It will operate 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

Are you planning to start a business or wishing to start selling your products online?

We are here to help you sell your products to consumers or other businesses, increase your sales and distinguish from others.

You should know that by 2020, it is expected 95% of all purchases to be via E-commerce. And that’s a big number. No one wants to be behind others and be ahead of your competitors is the best.


Your E-commerce Website Options

You will be able to choose designs or templates and we will build an easy-to-navigate site in order to make your customers come back to your store. We can add any kind of functions you are looking for. Some examples are: creating customer accounts, collecting customers’ order details, managing content and system, transfer of money and so many other options that probably you can’t even imagine or you have imagined, but you want somebody to help you.


How does it work? 

We will not make it difficult for you. Don’t worry.

First of all we need to know if you want to add the e-shop to an existing wordpress website or you want to start a brand new e-commerce website.  After we have the website set, then we will start working with the e-shop.


1. Send us the pictures. Whatever you’re selling, we have to show it to your customers. Clear and honest pictures are what they need to start the navigation on the website. Around 93% of online shoppers declared that the visual appearance of an online store plays a key factor in their purchasing decisions. In case you offer services and you don’t have any preferences on pictures, leave it on us.

2. Let us know how you would describe your products or services. Writing the product description and giving more details as the product’s size, shape, weight, colour, and other such details ensures an authentic relationship between the customer and the seller. Even when you offer a service, it is important to give details about it and the procedures. That’s because, based on E-commerce statistics, 55% of all online shoppers said that online reviews have an impact on their buying decisions. This means no business wants unsatisfied customers.

3. We need a list of stock. The way we will list the items is up to you. Do you prefer bulk-import or one at a time product?! Just let us know. Of course, after listing them someone needs to control them. If you are out of stock or if you don’t want a specific item listed, you just remove it. 

Our one-on-one training session will give you the knowledge to manage your stock by yourself. Of course, we will be here to assist you whether you need us. We avoid complicated features to make sure it’s an easy procedure for our clients. 


Why invest in an Ecommerce Website for your small business?

E-commerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces. It’s not only about attracting customers and growing your online sales. It’s also, about making it simpler and accessible to people who are not able to visit your store, because they live far away, they have mobility problems or because they have to stay home and save the rest of the world…

It is unquestionable how COVID-19 changed the world and the way people buy their staff. Many businesses closed temporarily or permanently even because they were forced to do so, or because they didn’t have enough sales to cover the expenses.

What if some of these stores had a super functional E-commerce website with great marketing and promoting functions where they could offer products and even services online?! How many businesses would still be profitable without coming into contact with customers?! We know that increasing offers can decrease demand, but how about creating an offer?!
Beyond those special situations, having an online store gives the access to your future customers to look at the pictures of your products, their descriptions or the services your company offers, and think about them until the time they need
something from your store and they remember your website. 

This is the time it should impress your future customers. It should have the full description of every single product, details and other products which should be combined with the first one. And this way, the future customer becomes your customer who trusts you and always comes back to you. It is estimated that around 35% of Google product searches are converted into purchases within 5 days and 85% of all products purchased via social media platforms come from Facebook. Everything matters!

This is our vision!
Connecting people with businesses, creating valuable relationships that are resistant on time, and giving access to everyone and everywhere without even being there. Seize the opportunity and contact us. We will make sure we teach you everything you need to know about your online store.