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WEBrandwise is specialized in growing small to medium sized businesses through the online market. By maintaining a strong online presence, you are able to provide easy and free information to future customers about your business and how it will be helpful for them.

Our goal is to:

  1. increase your online and offline traffic
  2. boost your brand recognition and your prestige
  3. expand your business.

Our strategies are based on the on-line marketing and technical SEO which includesĀ research, content marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, analytics, and many other techniques in order to improve the technical aspects of the website and increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines.


What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for ā€œSearch Engine Optimizationā€. This is actually the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines, where web pages, images, videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what they consider most relevant to users.

Search results can be organic, editorial or natural.

The word ā€œOrganicā€ is used to describe the number of visitors who find a website directly from a search engine after typing specific words related with what they are looking for. For instance, if someone who lives in Etobicoke needs a dress made on her measures, she will probably go on-line to search on Google about stores which offer this kind of service. Very possibly, she will type words like ā€œCustom-made Dresses Etobicokeā€ or ā€œMade-to-measure dresses Etobicoke.Ā 

Then, the very first result will be the store Nadia Lef-Ā Dressmaking & Alteration Shop . The most relevant and accurate websites according to the search engine will appear and every click coming from this search is equal to organic traffic (paid advertisements are not considered as organic). It seems that 64% of all web traffic comes from organic search, compared to 2% from social, 6% from paid search, 12% direct and 15% from other referral sources.Ā 

Some statistics regarding the search engines like ā€œGoogleā€™s share in desktop searches globally has hovered between 74% and 78% since September 2018. In the 2018ā€“2019 period, Bing has moved from the third to the second position, accounting for nearly 9.41% of the market. Baidu is marginally behind with 9.34%, thanks mainly to its popularity in China, where internet usage has really taken off in the last few years. Yahoo statistics show that it has moved to the fourth position, with its market share hovering around 3% in 2019. Yandex is the fifth most widely used search engine, with a share of 1.23% of the worldā€™s search traffic.ā€ proves that a strong presence on Google SERPs seems to be the first and main goal of a Canadian company.

Studies show that natural searches are more trusted than paid searches. A consumer can give more attention to the top natural result than the top paid ones just because seems more trustworthy. But one of the clear disadvantages of a natural search is the time and effort involved in websites getting to the top of the rankings.

This is why you need experts to work for you. We know exactly which techniques to use for every situation. Our success will be when your website appears at the first page of all results and our reliability will come into view when your website will be the first of all. Of course this doesnā€™t depend only on the quality of the websiteā€™s content or the internal linking, it depends also on the name of the website or on how relevant the word or phrase the user uses is, but this is something which can be worked out and achieved as well.


Local SEO & MarketingĀ 

Working with a number of small and medium sized businesses, we have realized that the main clientele comes from the neighborhood or close areas around the store. This is whatĀ local marketing does, it targets the community around a store – restaurant, coffee shop, hair or beauty salon, retail store- and directs promotional messages to the local population, rather than the mass market.


The online local marketing includes local marketing strategies which are connected with the previous explained SEO. It has to do with local keywords and their ā€œlocationsā€. This means that the advertisements posted have to be focused on an area around the store and other ā€œfiltersā€ have to be considered as well. Filters, among others, can be customer needs and their buying behavior, the marketā€™s segments, offer and demand, the influence of the demand to the prices, as well as the competitorsā€™ behavior and part of market.

WEBrandwise takes under consideration all those factors and works in a very professional way with the clients. We know what every business needs in order to take a significant part in the market.


Local Marketing is very important for small businesses

  • It creates more businessā€¦

Considering that every online search people do is saved in their cellphoneā€™s or laptopā€™s history and according to that, search engines and social media suggest different products and services related to what every person is looking for. So, location-based marketing does. Puts your business in front of future customersā€™ eyes the time they need it. This can be achieved by posting advertisements on Facebook, Instagram or Google.

  • Makes Segmentation Easier

Segmentation is a marketing activity that involves grouping customers based on shared interests, activities, or attributes. Location is one of the best ways to segment a group. If you can determine where someone is at a given moment, you can create a message that is tailored to that specific location ā€” making it more relevant to that consumer.

  • Provides a Better Return

Good marketers work smarter, not harder. Therefore, you should always strive to increase your return-on-investment with any marketing activities. Collecting, analyzing, and using location data can help you generate more engagement on your promotions and improve the return on your advertising dollars.